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Quite a Trek...

Transitioning through the stages of gender reassignment can be quite a trek.

We, like many thousands of others, have gone through this and returned back to what might be considered a normal healthy life.

Our dreams of yesterday are now for us a reality as we live our lives in a way unimaginable just a few months ago. So we have put our experiences together to help anyone else embarking on their own journey and hope that even if you choose a different pathway that our experiences will help to provide you with a baseline to complete your research.

Our Journey

In reality our journey never had a beginning and often when asked "How long have you had these feelings?" our answer is either "Always" or "I can't remember a time when I didn't have them".

Life for many people like us is a constant progression, we learn, we hide and finally if successfull we reconcile. It may sound negative but this reconciliation has what appears to be a negative aspect because what we do is reconcile the conflict that exists between mind and body. Our transition, therefore, only really started for us in 2000.

For the two of us our transition wouldn't have been possible without our mutual support. Our bad days were made more tollerable because of the help we have been able to give to each other and our good days enhanced because of the pleasure we both felt from the others' happiness.

We could say that our "new life" really began on Friday the 6th June 2003 as we walked together in the early evening soaking up the tropical paradise and realising that our surgical ordeal was not only over but had been successfull.

We were at last real people without the conflict that had disturbed our tranquility for so many years.


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